lunedì 24 settembre 2018

SINTONIE High-End Exhibition 2018

Some pictures from Rimini…

giovedì 13 settembre 2018

ELVON Azimuth & VTA tool

Very simple and cheap, just a block of clear perspex with lines printed on the back, but so much easier to use than anything I have tryed before. Highly recommended!

lunedì 3 settembre 2018

Audio-Technica launches new entry-level VM95 cartridge series

...featuring the next generation model of the legendary AT95E.
Take a look!

sabato 1 settembre 2018


Designed and made in Amsterdam, frist by Jobo and later by Acoustical, the 3100 was an exceptionally good turntable at an affordable price.

The AB tonearm has a lot of similarities to the B&O ones, but more versatile. 
Simply the Dutch answer to the Thorens TD124!