sabato 12 maggio 2012


For most this great brand brings to mind the old gray phones, but Ela Auso Siemens also created another gem: this Auso Siemens Amplifier Ela 94-02.

Simply 25 +25 W of infinite class and great sound.

Power germanium transistors (ATES brand) of Italian production.
DUCATI capacitor. All the screws are Italian. The mobile is a beautiful cherry red.

Very curious and unusual the features ROMBO, FRUSCIO, MONO, INV. CAN., SOMMA, FISIOL (volume to zero and pressing the button you have a very low volume listening, but correct in tone 'so that it is still nice full).

As always special thanks to my friend Tunedguy for the excellent restoration work.
bYE ;)

sabato 5 maggio 2012

ALTEC PEERLESS 15095: another phono Step Up

Here are some images of another vintage microphone transformer: the Altec Peerless 15095 (simple not the "A" version).
Sonically they have a good midrange, slightly highlights, do not get into trouble in the complicated steps; they haven't a very wide soundstage in all directions, with little air around the instruments.

Anyway an excellent transformer for MC cartridges with transformation ratio of 1:10.
Good performance with my Denon 103, Denon 301 MKII and EMT TSD 15.

Interesting the possibility to mount transformers Altec 4722 in connection 1:20 (see picture).

For other step up take a look here ;)