lunedì 25 marzo 2019


Here some pics of this Great Broadcasting turntable...

Direct drive system providing good technical parameters and a simple,
 reliable contstruction by minimizing the number of the moving parts and the
 required driving energy.
2. Single lumped operating unit which connects the necessary operational
 steps in logical sequence.
3. Automatic reverse positioning is one of the most exclusive feature of the
 equipment. The record is automatically turned back exactly with an angle
 which is necessary to reach nominal speed at a pre-selected point of the
 groove, and since the output is muted until nominal speed is reached, start
 of playback can be pre-selected with an up-to-thesyllable precision. The idea
 and the circuitry needed to realise it, are patented.
4.  Automatically muted, click-free sound output.
5.  Built-in step noise absorber.
6.  Electronic stroboscope (XTAL)
7.  Easy and precisely adjustable stylus pressure and antiskating pressure.
8.  Intensive sensor operated stylus lighting.
9.  Built-in equalizer, amplifier and monitor loudspeaker (mono).
10. Stereophonic monitoring provided.
Thanks to the owner Luigi for the pics.

venerdì 1 marzo 2019


Manufactured by the Garrard Engineering and Manufacturing Company Ltd of Swindon (G.B.), was introduced in 1954. The model stayed in production until to 1970’s.

It uses the idler drive system (the alternating current motor is engaged to an intermediate, the idler wheel, to rotate the platter).
Here some pics from a near mint example...