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SAEC WE-308N (1978, JPY 38,000) Static Tonearm

The SAEC WE-308 is designed to offer the new reference standard of tone arm engineering for the serious audiophile. The Audio Engineering's remarkable approach toward the perfection of disc sound is crystallized in the WE-308's unique construction, the Double Knife Edge.
The Double Knife Edge had two blades in the past. Currently, it was made to include four blades up and down providing a structure in which the edge support is held firmly from both sides and from the top. Since these four blades are ground to form a straight line, they practically constitute a high strength pivoting body with the straight line as turning axis and with no mechanical free play. 
SAEC knife edge blade has a diameter of less than 0,02mm and is ultra-precise. This finish precision sets SAEC apart from other makers. The edge is first ground to 0,05mm by a machine and then to 0,02mm by a skilled human hand.
This newer construction covers up disadvantages of conventional knife edge type tone arms.
The Double Knife Edge provides the lowest friction level and highest sensitive movement of the tone arm ever achieved.
Therefore, the WE-308 with any advanced cartridge tracks the record groove with less distortion than ever and reproduces clear directionality, pinpoint placement of instruments and phenomenal cleanness of the disc sound.
The SAEC WE-308 itself is a precision-balanced arm. The three-axis of the arm is meticulously balanced so it practically results in no loss of sensitivity.
Fine adjustments of the tracking force are automatically carried out as the arm tracks to the inner grooves of a record. This special device, along with the light weight and lowest resonance "ultimate" headshell, provides more faithful reproduction of sound. On the most inner groove, for example, it oes a remarkable job with 20% more tracking force that results in clear and open high frequency response information.

Effective length: 240,0mm
Overhang: 5,0mm
Offset angle: 12,5
Effective mass: >12,0g
Cartridge weight range: 5,0g – 11,0g
Height range: 45,5mm – 62,5mm
Mounting hole: 27,0mm

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