Friday, May 10, 2024

QUAD II mono amplifier

These valve amplifiers are a living legend, proof that sometimes the old things are still good. Looking at the design, it's clear that the Quad II is not here to impress you with weird shapes. 

With their metal chassis and valves sticking up like a row of soldiers (2 x EF86, 2 x KT66 and 1 GZ32) , they seem to say, "We don't need to look good; we already know we're fantastic."

But the real magic happens when you plug them in and press the power button. Despite to a faint hum as the valves, like an old engine waking up from a slumber, when the music starts to flow, it's almost a mystical experience. The Quad II amplifiers have a warm and enveloping sound that makes you feel like you've stepped back into the 1950s, when listening to the radio was a family event.

And don't be fooled by their retro appearance because the Quad II can hold their own against many modern amplifiers. Despite the age they offer a top-of-the-class performance without ever been clouded or cloesed: infact bass is deep and smooth, the highs are clear without being harsh.

In short, if you're an audio enthusiast looking for an amplifier with a story to tell, the Quad II is a fantastic choice. Once you've listened to them, you'll understand why they've become legendary…stay tuned 😉


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