sabato 29 ottobre 2016

TELEFUNKEN RN 100 CX phono equalizer preamplifier

 Another GREAT perfomer...

Very rare Telefunken CX Decoder RN 100 CX.
RN 100 CX is same as phono equalizer preamplifier.

Type: CX noise reduction system same as phono equalizer amplifier
Input impedance: 47k ohm
Input level adjust from: 1.25~15mV
Input: RCA x2 or DIN
Equalization: DIN 45 547
Suitable for pick-up systems with a transmission factor of: 0.25mV~3mV per cm/s (1kHz)
Output level adjust from: 300mV~1.9V
Output impedance: <9k br="" ohm="">Output: RCA x2 or DIN
S/N ratio, weighted: >85dB with CX
Line up: 10 Transistors, 7 IC's, 3 LED's, 7 Diodes
Dimensions: W25x H6.0x D12.5cm
Net weight: 1.1kg
AC voltage: AC-220V 50Hz

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