sabato 10 novembre 2007


Some pictures of the last came...

...despite the years still sounds great!

The Accuphase AC2 is truly a great lady ... maybe, just maybe, my favorite.

Grained, very detailed and incisive especially on the high register; nonetheless never tiring or "too bright" as some call.

Bass, equally well-defined and sculpted, always returns a valid dynamic performance, without adding distortion and / or colors.

It has a rather low internal impedance, which impose a high transformation ratio: my favorite matching is with the transformer HASHIMOTO HM3 to 1:40.

The rest is just music!

I repeat ... it is a great cartridge, that can easily compete with others of a very different caliber, and above all price.

The bad it's only that is an old woman with several years behind ...

Genereting element : Moving Coil
Output voltage: 0,18 mV
Frequency response: da 20 Hz a 60 KHz
Internal impedence: 4 ohms
Tracking Force: 1,5 to 2,5 g
Peso: 9,5 g

Stay tuned ;)