sabato 13 ottobre 2012

Ljubljana Multimedia Hi-Fi Show

Some some pictures of the HiFi show in Ljubljana...

domenica 7 ottobre 2012


Let's see some pictures of this vintage DD turntable...

Directly from the ' 70, Toshiba SR-510C turntable was the flagship of the Toshiba Turntables: an example of the expertise acquired by Japanese manufacturers in the engineering of direct-drive turntables.

The motor is an eddy current AC servo type and the moderately heavy 2-7 lb diecast platter contributes to a high moment of inertia to minimise short-term speed fluctuations. The servo speed control involves the detection of pulses related to actual rotational speed by a lamp and photo-cell system. The pulses are converted into a DC voltage which can be compared with a built-in reference voltage (one for each of the nominal speeds 33+ and 45 rpm). The differential voltage is used to control the drive voltage and so maintain constant speed.

Fine speed control over a range of ±4% is provided independently for 33+ and 45 rpm, using rotary knobs on the motor-board. 
Applying power to the turntable is the function of a pair of 'on/off' push-buttons and speed selection is performed by two sensor switches which require only the lightest touch to operate.
The wooden base is beautifully finished and is supported on four substantial shock absorber feet. These have milled edges and can be turned to set the machine true in the horizontal plane: a built-in circular spirit level on the motor board shows when this has been achieved.

The turntable itself performed extremely well throughout, wow and flutter was inaudible.

The antivibration supports gave good insulation.

I tested the quality of reproduction with my Accuphase AC3 (see on pictures) and my classic Denon DL 103. Probably, due to the arm very simple and probably not at the same class of the rest of the system, I don't reached the quality of my actual DD reference (Technics SP series and EMT 938/950), especially on stability and soundstage dimension. Anyway I expect that another tonearm will improove this amazing sound machine.   
Some technical info: Manufacturer: Aurex Toshiba, Japan
Record speeds: 33/45
Drive type: direct drive electronically controlled AC servo motor
Platter: Materials: Aluminum, diameter: 300 mm
Tonarms length: 237 mm
Overhang: 15 mm adjustable
Tonarms material: light metal
Plinth: mahagony
Power supply: 110/120/220/240V, 50/60 Hz
Chassis dimensions, depth: 550 x 414 x 190 mm
Selling Price in Germany: 1500 DM/1973
Special features: electret condenser system, CD-4 possible.

Stay Tuned;)