venerdì 25 novembre 2016

Pimp Up your Thorens TD 124

If you can't choose wisely, choose randomly ;)

venerdì 11 novembre 2016


Designed and built by the old Isamu Ikeda. Way back in 1967, Ikeda-san founded Fidelity Research, a celebrated Japanese firm that left its mark on the analog world with its tonearms (FR series), cartridges (FR-1 and MC-202) and step up. By 1986 he had founded Ikeda Sound Labs, specializing in low-compliance moving-coil cartridges and high-mass, transcription-length tonearms.

The Ikeda 407 is GREAT with the high mass, low compliance cartridges, like Ortofon SPU and the EMT TSD15SFL; with this combination you can obtain a magical sound, emotionally involving and very tactile. A FUN way to listen to music with a GREAT performer.


Ikeda IT-407CR1 (Long Arm)

Type: Dynamic balance

Overall length: 388mm

Effective length: 307mm

Overhang: 12mm

Tracking error: +2°~ - 0°35'

Stylus force range: 0g 5g (in 0.5g step)

Mounting hole diameter: 31mm

Arm height adjustment range: 25mm - 60mm

Max. arm board thickness: 35mm

Cartridge/Headshell balance range: 6g - 38.5g

Headshell weight: 17.2g