domenica 22 giugno 2014


I finally got my hands on this rare (ultrarare!) BEAUTY!!! 

Listened years ago (it was 2005!!!) in a minimalist system based on a RX 1500 (NEAT was the predecessor of Mirco Seiki) it had impressed me, but, till today, I didn't see it on the bay.
Thanks to my friend Fred who found it for me on, finally I can use it on my system.

Here you can see it on my TD 124, BUT the next step is on my EMT930...infact it is perfect for it (it should be mounted at 230 from the spindle), like EMT 929 and Fidelity Research FR64.
From the net the instructions/mounting template ;)

Everything perfect?!?
No every audiophile story something is missing...the perfect match for this ortofon SPU recently sold ;))))

martedì 10 giugno 2014

Rodents on Turntable...

My favorites?....Harry & Llloyd  ;)