venerdì 17 novembre 2017

EMT 930 Glass-Plate

Simply one of the BEST upgrades for my EMT 930!
In the past the studio turntables EMT 927 also were delivered for the disc-recording manufactures optional as a measurement studio turntable. This special record player was named EMT 927 D and it was equipped with a glass-plate instead of a plexiglass-plate.
When it was necessary to obtain the best available accuracy for playing a record a plexiglass-plate was not sufficient, even if it was produced very precisely.
The plexiglass-plate was replaced by a glass-plate although the quickstart facility was eliminated.
Compared to the plexiglas-plate the glass-plate has the following advantages:

  • an absolute flat Surface
  • a coupling of the record with the main plate by the rubber surface of the bottom and the top side
  • a reduction of the static loading
  • an improvement of the technical data (rumble signals weighted und unweighted, wow and flutter) by enhancement of the mass
  • an improvement of the feedback unsensitivity
  • a precise stroboscope
  • an improvement of the optical impression
  • an optimum record rendering by avoiding uncontrolled vibrations of the record
  • an improved performance
The glass-plate can be replaced easily and immediately. So you can win at once an improved performance.

mercoledì 1 novembre 2017

MY DIY ULTRASONIC record cleaner

During the past several months I have invested my time exploring cavitation.
I needed a faster way to clean than my multi-step manual wet/vac cleaning process (using my Nitty Gritty).
My hope was to find that I could complete multiple LPs in a single cleaning cycle and greatly speed up my rate of cleaning records.
The results, also in terms of cleaning results, have far exceeded my expectations.
Stay tuned!

venerdì 27 ottobre 2017

Gran Galà Alta Fedeltà - Padova 14.10.2017

My third time at Gran Galà... here is a selection of the gears I found...

... and later...

venerdì 15 settembre 2017

PANASONIC SE 405: another cd4 disc demodulator for Strain Gauge cartridges

Neither moving magnet, nor moving coil, nor moving iron...what is it?
The UNUSUAL system is called strain gauge, based on old vintage CD4 Panasonic/Matsushita cartridges.
Here you are some pics of the Panasonic demodulator...

giovedì 7 settembre 2017

Mono in Mono: PIERRE CLEMENT L7B Mono Cartridge

As most audiophiles know TRUE MONO cartridges are built only to pick up signals of the record in the horizontal plane.

Mono pressings sound more lively, have depth perception and less noise.

Is also faschinating to experience the excellence of mono recordings in the manner that they were meant to be heard and enjoyed at that time.

Among the many mono cartridges which I have had, this Pierre Clement is one of my favourites.

venerdì 1 settembre 2017

PIMP your Garrard

Some pictures of my new Garrard mat...