venerdì 16 settembre 2016

ALLNIC H-1500 II SE Plus LCR Phono Stage

After my falling in love with the H3000, it’s time to listen a new LCR phono stage from ALLNIC.
It is two chassis phonostage with tube rectification, tube regulation, LCR 600R filters, own Allnic step up transformer for MC needles.

“Packed full, Nickel Permalloy custom wound transformers, 5 individual resistive loads per each of the 4 transformer gain selections, LCR phono equalization, 2 MM inputs, 2 MC inputs, tube regulation, Gel Damper tube isolation sockets and an outboard tube power supply makes for one lethally excellent phono stage.

The H‐1500 II PLUS has the following features:

LCR TYPE RIAA EQUALIZATION - RIAA equalization is a specification for the correct playback of vinyl records, established by the Recording Industry Association of America. The purpose of the equalization is to permit longer playback times and improve sound quality.

RIAA equalization is a form of establishing a flat frequency response for the playback of recorded music. The necessity for this equalization process arises from mechanical difficulties inherent in record production. In order to prevent the cutting needle from over‐cutting into the next record groove in the bass, as a record is cut, some bass frequencies are attenuated. In the treble region, in order for high frequency sounds not to be masked by the noise inherent in moving a stylus over and through a modulated vinyl surface, some treble frequencies are boosted. With the application of the correct filtering techniques on playback, the result is a flat frequency response with better signal to noise ratios.

For superior signal to noise ratios, the H‐1500 II PLUS is equipped with pure vacuum tube, high voltage regulation for each channel and a power supply unit separate from the phono stage itself.

High quality MC Step‐up Transformers with Permalloy cores are used for the H‐1500 II PLUS’s dual MC inputs.

New vacuum tube damping technology – Allnic Audio’s patented "Absorb GEL tube damper" technology prevents harmful vibrations from reaching the signal / gain tubes and, therefore, prevents micro‐phonic noise propagation in the tubes.

Pure Class A operation”

Ok but…how does it sound respect the other phono stages I heard? quieter, dynamic, nuanced, bigger sound stage with that sense of flow and saturated tone that seems to be the specialty of the transformer coupled device.
Low noise for tube phono, nice tone, dynamic and refined airy top end.

Transformers seem to hold and release energy in a manner that is most compatible with a variable music signal. The H1500 reveals extreme detail without fraying the threads out of the musical tapestry. Everything is perceived, but nothing is sharp or edgy, just a brew of tones beginning and tapering where they should. High frequencies and upper midrange are wonderful. Transients are molten nuggets of tone, not mosquito bites. It reveals stunning nuance and transitions that open up previously closed or fused harmonics. Lower midrange and bass are a rich and sweet, deep and tuneful, without being overblown. They make me feel the music as much as hear it.

In conclusion the H1500 - like the H3000 as well – for its range price is a world class phono stage. I know it has its limitations (what product doesn’t) but the phenomenal sound quality, very high build quality, make the H1500 a very impressive piece of audio equipment.

One sentence summary: I liked it. :-)





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Anonimo ha detto...

TOP PHONO PREAMP! This phono stage is excellent. Little better resolution than the Nagra VPS, better weight on each note, better placement of the instruments in space...If you're looking at sub 10K usd phono stage, the ALLNIC 1500 is very hard to beat. Above 10K I think it's going to have competition from Allnic H3000 and others...