sabato 21 aprile 2012

TELEFUNKEN 42.5102.055-26 Step Up

Let's see this rare and great transformer...

Matched pair of vintage original Telefunken MC step up transformer.
Made in Germany in the 50ties and 60ties as step up transformers for professional studio and cinema equipment.
Perfectly matched pair for EMT , Ortofon , Supex , Neumann and other low and very low impedance moving coil systems as step up transformers.
The sound of the transformers is dynamic and the gain is high (gain 1:16).
I made an audio test with my EMT 930 and an EMT TSD15. The sound is really great!
Good match also with my Ortofon S15 and MC 20.

Input impedance: 25Ohm
Output impedance: 6,5kOhm or higher
Step Up Ratio (voltage gain): 1:16 ; 24dB depending on impedances
Thanks to my friend Odino for the test.
Stay tuned ;)

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