mercoledì 2 maggio 2018


I recently was able to audition a pair of OTELLO speakers, built by my friend Loris…a very compact two-way monitor loudspeaker following a classic form-follows-function design. The drivers are the Scan-Speak D2010-8511 tweeter, one of the best 19mm dome tweeters available. The 15cm mid woofer used for the Otello is also sourced from Scan-Speak and made in Denmark.
The result is simply GREAT, very neutral, well balanced and coherent, with a bass surprisingly good for such a small loudspeaker.
At the end of this little adventure I realized that the ways to get a good sound are many and, for those who are able to approach a DIY project like Loris does, really endless.
For more info take a look here.
Good work and have fun ;)

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